Friday, 15 April 2011

Bit of a mess!

Morning all!

(Yes I did just say MORNING lol) I thought I would pop in just to let you all know I am still around and I am still crafting. I'm just so bogged down with lots of stuff at the moment, I can't seem to find a moment to myself!

On a higher note, me and my other half are going to give notice of intent to marry this afternoon!...I am UBER excited! We are (fingers crossed) getting married on the 29th of July! Only a very small do, just immediate family and then a nice big party afterward for everyone else! So you can look forward to handmade invites etc.

On top of wedding plans I haven't been very well so I have been crashing quite early on an evening at the moment (hence no crafty posts) But I think I'm on the mend so hopefully normal crafting service will resume shortly :-)

I do have a project in the works though, my baby sister turned 20 last week and we had a big girly night out, so I thought as a gift I would do her a mini album with all the nice photos in it. I have everything I need, except the motivation to get started lol.

Well I think that's about all my news for the moment. Hopefully I will be able to update with a project and some pictures shortly.

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