Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Wow...2012, where did that come from?

Hello everyone in crafting land, and Happy new year!

I really have let the ball drop with this blog at them moment, when I started it, I did state that I probably wouldn't update regularly, but this really is taking the monkey!
So sorry...

I just wanted to pop in and let you all know, I am crafting as usual, and my life has been mental the past few months!, As you all know I got married in July, (...eeps!!) I made all my own invites and thank-you cards, so that took A LOT of time, I then made a 'babie's 1st year' mini album (I say mini. it was 8" x 8" and seriously bulky by the time I had finished...) For my neice's 1st birthday. I will upload pictures with my next post I promise!

And finally, I got well and truly bitten by the christmas crafting bug! Oh lordy did I give myself a lot to do! I had christmas cards, 12 crackers, advent tree decorations, 2 advent drawer boxes (1 of them was HUGE!) And as if I hadn't given myself enough to do, I thought I would make a 3D star wreath as well.


I promise it will not be that long before I update again! ...

Goals for the new year:
  • Resume scrapbooking!
  • Update blog regularly.
  • Enter more craft competitons.
  • Eat less bad food and lose weight! (Okay, I may be kidding myself there :-p)

Adios amigos!
Haley xxx

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